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Mission & Projects

Friends of Be an Angel currently operates within four different mission sets to assist the Ukrainian people. These include deliveries of humanitarian aid, evacuation of vulnerable members of the population, a mental health education program and facilitating the sister city diplomatic relationship between Irpin and Milwaukee.


What we're working on

Our projects are classified into four focus areas: humanitarian aid, evacuations, mental health programs and the sister city project.


We conduct frontline and medical evacuations of refugees and internally displaced persons (IDPs). In particular, we focus on complex medical evacuations of children.

Sister City Program

Friends of Be an Angel works together with the city councils of Milwaukee and Irpin to facilitate the relationship within the context of the sister city program to rebuild the city of Irpin.

Humanitarian Aid

Over 18,150 tons of have humanitarian aid has been delivered to date to our logistics hub in west Ukraine. From there, it is distributed to key areas of need. 

Mental Health Program

Together with the Ombudsman’s Office of Human Rights, the Ukrainian Ministry of Education and Free the Mind Co, we are working to introduce a nation-wide mental health education platform for children to deal with the traumatic effects of the war.


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