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Friends of Be an Angel is a values and mission driven organization. Our team and leadership value integrity, and as an organisation we sought to create a climate of trust by promoting human rights, culture of opennes and communication. Our fundamental view is to promote the ‘big picture’ to encourage social change and foster collaboration while encouraging partnerships and development in the sector.

Our fundamentals
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    Be an Angel Network

    No. 1: Fleeing from War & Conflict

    People who flee to US or EU counties, flee because they are persecuted in their home country or because there is danger to their lives due to war, irreversible environmental catastrophes, or poverty. Always and immediately, we assist — without any red tape.

    No. 2: Fleeing from Economic Hardships

    People who leave their home country for economic reasons should have the opportunity to immigrate to the US or EU countries according to defined quotas and after a case-by-case examination. It is important to create a sustainable, future-oriented concept so that integration – in the sense of living together – succeeds.

    No. 3: Strength through Networking

    The US and EU countries are obviously not really well prepared for the current crisis situation. The state of emergency that we experience every day is the consequence of this. In the “normal operation” of government, offices and aid organizations, this state of emergency cannot be resolved. That is why citizens, institutions, and companies must get involved and provide support to prevent even more chaos – something that will benefit of everyone involved. If many people do a little, a lot will change, much faster.

    No. 4: Creating a Mutual Relationship

    Through direct, personal proximity to the refugees, we experience cultural and religious differences within the refugee groups and especially in the context of our own culture on a daily basis. Without question, it will not be an easy task to create a society of mutual respect and community togetherness. However, there is no alternative to rolling up our sleeves and trying our best. The US  and other EU countries are becoming countries of immigration. We are the beneficiaries of this immigration, despite problems and shortcomings.


    The openness and hospitality of the original population must be met by a willingness to integrate on the part of the refugees, and a readiness to accept and share the cultural customs and identity of the host countries. This is the only way to overcome reservations and create a functioning neighborhood.

    No. 5: Focusing Our Help Through Intersectionality

    The number of refugees who need help and the level of help each refugee needs may be overwhelming to our organization. While we have a sworn commitment to help each refugee, who we help first is decided by the problem intersectionality which we is outlined in the humanitarian aid section of our project outline. We place an emphasis on refugees and IDPs who are under significant duress due to their intersectional vulnerablities, such as their gender, race, marital, children, nationality, proximity to the frontline, and other status.

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